The Signal Transduction Laboratory

The Signal Transduction Laboratory

Ami Aronheim, Associate Professor


Rappaport Building 4th floor west wing

Tel: 04-8295454


About the Labratory:

Basic Research, Tumor progression, metastasis, bone marrow, signaling molecules, tumor microenvironment

We study the role of the bZIP repressors JDP2 and ATF3 and WDR62 a novel signaling molecule expression in the tumor cell and in the microenvironment. We employ in vitro culture system as well as animal models with either gain or loss of function of the various components of our interest to study tumor growth and metastasis spread. We use orthotopic as well as ectopic cancer models in mice. We focus on different unique BMDCs populations and study the effect of their deficiency on cytokine secretion, tumor cell migration and their migratory capacity. In addition, we study the mechanisms involved in affecting tumor growth and metastases spread in vivo. This study will uncover the overlapping and unique functions of bZIP repressors and other signaling molecules and will reveal their role in the tumor microenvironment. Ultimately, the study will extend our understanding of the unique and overlapping functions of JDP2 and ATF3 proteins and WDR62 proteins and will provide new means to inhibit the deadly process of tumor growth and metastases spread.